About Us

Engineering Excellence

Every product we offer from Weather King Portable Buildings has been thoughtfully designed by engineers with input from customers and expert craftsman. Each and every shed and portable building we sell is designed to be durable and dependable.

The manufacturing process employs skilled, American laborers and never accepts inferior materials. Ever shed is built using American made parts. After construction, each building is prepared for delivery and setup.

Before your shed, cabin, or portable garage ships out, it is put through a rigorous final inspection for quality assurance. We only allow products we are proud of to be delivered to our customers.

Decades of Experience

American Made Sheds is owned and operated by a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience. We know what works in the field, what customers are looking for and the value of a quality product.

We have taken this knowledge and experience and applied it to deliver superior products and services for you.

American Jobs for American Workers

We believe the only thing better than a top quality product is a top quality product built by American craftsman with American made materials. We are proud to deliver a truly American product that has been designed and built in the USA.

We are deeply committed to supporting American families by keeping jobs in America. We invest in our communities and country by hiring where we live. We also support other companies dedicated to providing jobs to Americans.

Green shed french doors

About Our Products

American Made Sheds combines fast, reliable service and affordable prices that simply can’t be beat. We provide a consistent, top quality service for both homeowners and commercial customers, no matter the size of the shed or storage unit.

Our sheds and portable buildings start with a design that has been professionally engineered. Next we add the highest quality lumber and an experienced team of builders and craftsman. Finally, the construction process ends with tough quality control inspectors

At the end of this process, we delivery the best sheds and portable buildings on the market directly to you.

Product Details

When you order from American Made Sheds, top of the line quality comes standard. When you order our utility sheds, lofted barns, cabins or portable garages you get:

  • Customizable design options
  • Number 2 grade and stud grade lumber
  • 29 gauge metal roofing
  • 16 colors including options for urethane and exterior paint
  • Options for windows, doors and roll up garage door
Large red barn shed